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David Brooks’ Block Party!

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you know I rarely write about politics.  That does not mean I am oblivious to the machinations of men aspiring to be President of the United States, or POTUS.  Handy’s got hundreds … Continue reading

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The Passion Play

When I was very small, I thought everyone in the world was a member of the Roman Catholic Church.  My world was a tiny wheel, the hub being my parents’ house.  There were four or five spokes to this wheel … Continue reading

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The Ancient Rule of Neighborliness

The other day, my brother and I were having an e-mail dialogue about enduring local communities.  We discuss this all the time.  One of the e-mails he sent me ended with the following quote by Wendell Berry about the resurrection … Continue reading

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When You’re Tall

Saturday night is my 30th high school reunion. For no particular reason or maybe because I’m the tallest person on the reunion committee, I will be giving a few prepared remarks after the buffet and before we start dancing to … Continue reading

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Birthday Week

I stocked up on birthday cards yesterday. Coming up:  one week of birthday cards, birthday cakes, birthday stories, birthday people and maybe even a birthday show house.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  I am reminded that today is Wendell … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Garlic

I pulled my garlic on Saturday morning. Pulling garlic is a bit of work.  The garlic bulb’s roots dig into the earth; some “oomph” is required to remove it.  That’s why it’s calling “pulling” and not “picking” garlic.  Folks with … Continue reading

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