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Trending into Prague

Sometimes, Reggie Black drives me crazy. He doesn’t do it intentionally; he’s a polymath and a polyglot. He can’t help himself. If I told him he was driving me crazy, he’d say “Girl, I’m not responsible for what happens with … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Garlic

I pulled my garlic on Saturday morning. Pulling garlic is a bit of work.  The garlic bulb’s roots dig into the earth; some “oomph” is required to remove it.  That’s why it’s calling “pulling” and not “picking” garlic.  Folks with … Continue reading

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The Treadmill

Last week, I attended a 3 day conference.  I sat down, sat some more, had lunch and then sat down again.  I was not able to move and groove around as I like to do.  By Thursday morning, I felt … Continue reading

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