Think for Yourself

Time is running out to view the exhibit “The Moving Panorama of Pilgrim’s Progress.”  Since the machinations of the time tyrants have granted us one extra hour of it today, a wise Southern Maine investor might spend their surplus on a trip to the Saco Museum and the Historic Pepperell Mills to view it before it is gone.

Besides gas in the tank, the total cost to view the stunning painted panels is $7 for adults.  I repeat, SEVEN dollars.

Someone recently told me a “spiritual speaker” charged people $65 dollars for a seminar in Lewiston, Maine.  Apparently, 4,000 people attended.

The Panorama was magnificent; the theme of Pilgrim’s Progress was presented simply.  It was peaceful and quiet in the exhibit hall, with no jostling for a seat.  No one told me what to think about the works.  I could ponder and reach my own conclusions.

It was enchanting and beautiful; conducive to rest.

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  1. I’m always confused by what others place value in and on. Granted, value can be in the eyes of the beholder, but $65 to hear this Bible teacher in Lewiston deliver what some might characterize as “fool’s gold” seems a bit much. Did Jesus charge for his wisdom and knowledge?

    Sounds like yesterday’s trip north was a fruitful one and one that I’m sure will lend readers more of your own personal observations.

    Write on!

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