The See Saw

It’s Monday, it’s raining, and I’m on the down swing of the see saw.  Last week, I predicted fears of a drought would dissipate with the first downpour and this may be so.  I drove home to the Coop in a driving rain, thankful for the deluge in spite of the difficulties it added to my drive.  I was thinking of all the fun I had over the weekend with my clan and assorted home friends.

I have a routine about my drive home.  I drive by Uncle Bob’s and make last-minute checks on things in the garden.  This week, I had to make sure the rain barrels were hooked up correctly.  I’ve got a story about those barrels, but it will have to wait until Wednesday.  Then I drive to the Extra-Mart and gas up my Jeep.  Last night, I saw my friend Dill Buttons; he was buying lottery tickets.  He’s good at “games of chance” and I sure hope he wins big so he can retire.  I bought a “throwback” beverage and I would have gotten a soft-serve ice cream at the Dairy Maid, except the Dairy Maid was closed.

Then I drive out of town and turn right at the Moxie Store, across from what’s left of the old Worumbo Mill.  I keep that mill in my rear view mirror as I cross the bridge over the Androscoggin River.  I’m always sad when I drive away from town and there’s this little fear in the pit of my stomach that the mill might not be there the next time I come home.  It’s probably going to happen some day; vacant mill buildings don’t stay around forever.  I push that thought out of my mind and I say to myself “it won’t happen this week.”  Then I say “if it does, it won’t mean that Nana and O’Pa didn’t come to America to live.”  I pinch myself to make sure.

Route 125 winds and twists through Durham and I get on Interstate 95 in Freeport.  The rest of the drive is uneventful per se, maybe 90 minutes of radio roulette and creative thinking.  Sometimes I stop at the Kennebunk South Travel Plaza to stretch.

Today will feel odd, not because it’s Monday and not because it’s raining, but because it is hard to have a divided see saw heart.  I will go through a variety of machinations to get my brain in “corporate” mode because I’ve been in “clan” mode all weekend.  I collected a lot of memories in 36 hours; I also picked up a rock on top of Mosquito Hill, the metaphorical top of the see saw.

I’m going to bring the rock to work with me and put it on my desk to remember where I come from and where I’m going.  That rock reminds me that I won’t be on a see saw forever.

What’s Monday like for you?

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