Why I Joined Facebook

Dear Friends,

I’m kind of stubborn sometimes.  My father’s stubborn, too, so maybe I have a stubborn gene.  There’s nothing wrong with being stubborn; being stubborn about brushing my teeth morning and night has served me well.  No one has gotten hurt by my stubborn dental practices.

I’ve stubbornly decided I do not want to go to Disney World.  I don’t know why, but I want to be the only American who has never gone to Disney World.  I have friends who go to Disney World and we get along just fine because I don’t impose my stubborn anti-Disney thoughts upon them.  No one gets hurt and everyone is happy.  That’s freedom.

When it comes to Facebook, I am late to the party because I’m stubborn.  I am familiar with Facebook and social media; I have a fan page for The Hampton Victory Garden.  (“Like” us, please!)  Through this fan page, I have subscribed to other farming, gardening, and local food pages.  I can find out what is happening at my CSA farm share and when I might be able to eat some fresh kale.  I can read the news and information I want without having to sit through commercials.  I have learned a lot of things from Facebook fan pages.  If I had a small business, I would be on Facebook.  It’s a dynamite way to promote a product or idea.

Prior to Sunday, I hadn’t been on Facebook as my stubborn self and I didn’t know if I needed or wanted to be.  It seemed time-consuming.  Sometimes, it seemed like passing notes in 7th grade.  Don’t get me wrong; I loved passing notes in 7th grade, but one time, I wrote something mean about someone and I got in trouble.  I might even have gotten grounded for a year; I can’t remember.  My mother was upset and I had to listen to the “tact” lecture for the tenth time.  I was sorry I had written those mean things.

I had also seen a few cases where adults had made some mistakes on Facebook, passing notes.  I was a little nervous about whether it was right for me.  I sure didn’t want to get the “tact” lecture from my mother again and she’s not even on Facebook.

Then I started writing this blog and sometimes, I would write things about the past and I would think “oh, I bet so and so would like this post today; I mentioned his favorite song from 1981” or “I wish my best friend from second grade could read this.  I miss her.”  Facebook is like a study hall and a class reunion all rolled into one; I’ve always loved study halls and class reunions.  In fact, I think I told someone at my last class reunion that I would plan the next class reunion and maybe it’s this year.


So I decided to join Facebook to plan a class reunion on the fly and share some of my blog posts with friends from home.  Maybe I would let people know about my brother’s book, too.  Doing all these things on Facebook is a lot faster than writing and mailing letters.

At approximately 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 22, 2012, I joined Facebook.  In just a few hours, I learned a lot of things and sweet things started to happen.

I found out that one of my classmates was sick; I decided to pray for her.  Then, one of my classmates posted a picture of us in 7th grade and we were not passing notes.  We were outside at recess and we were singing at the top of our lungs and clapping our hands.  It seemed like so much fun and it made me laugh. I even noticed I was wearing my purple ski jacket and the purple mittens my Nana had knit for me when she used to sit in the big chair next to O’Pa under the cuckoo clock in the living room in the house where my father was born.

The best part of the experience was the knowledge that so many of the people I had grown up with and who knew all about me and my clan were alive and living interesting lives.  I can’t quite explain it, but it made me happy to know they were my friends.

People are still going to pass mean notes on Facebook and they’re going to get in trouble.  There will be drama and fights and disagreements.  Isn’t that what people have been doing from the beginning?  King Solomon long ago said “there is no new thing under the sun” and it’s true.

Since this is true and I wanted to pass some good notes, I joined Facebook.  Thank you to the 63 people who accepted my friend request in the last 24 hours.  I’m thinking about a class reunion and happy things I want to tell you.

Very truly yours,

Julie-Ann Baumer

P.S.  My brother is going to be on Tee Vee again tonight.

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  1. Audrey MacLeod says:

    You still are and always will be an amazing writer, my dear friend. How exciting about your brother’s book! I will watch the news hoping to see him! We have lots of Moxie freaks in my family. Now I know way May 5th is out…I assume you will be at his book launch!

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