Move Along, Move Along

I went to a meeting in the “big city” yesterday; it required spinning around on Satan’s Highway, aka Route 128 in Massachusetts.  I got home after dark.

My driveway is big and it has an entrance and an exit, used interchangeably depending on the weather and which direction I’m heading.  Sometimes motorists think the driveway is a “U-Turn” but it’s not.  It’s private property.

Last night, a car drove in one entrance and drove up to the other one.  The car idled in place for five minutes.  It made me uncomfortable.  What if it was a stalker or a killer on the loose?  I’ll show them who’s the boss of this driveway tonight!

I got in my car, drove up next to the vehicle, and rolled down my passenger window, tossing all caution to the wind.  I said “May I help you?”

A man on a cell phone said “I’m just making a call.”

“This is a private driveway.  Move along.”

I was surprised to hear those words come out of my mouth in real life.  I only like confrontation in my dreams.

He moved along.

Dreams were not plentiful last night, but I have a “back bench” of blog posts for days like today when my noggin hurts and I’m stoopid with fatigue.  I can write a “flashback” post and link to some older stories I’ve written.  It’s not my favorite approach, but it seems more responsible than posting a bunch of BLEEP.

I was going to write about “seeds” and “seed catalogs” today, so park your Pinto for a minute or two and read some past posts.

Here’s a serious post about GMO seeds.

Here’s a silly post about dreams and seeds.

Here’s a picture of a seed packet.

For readers who don’t care for flashback posts and linkies to old stuff…

Move along.

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3 Responses to Move Along, Move Along

  1. Gina Mason says:

    Glad you are looking out for those of us on the compound. Those that make the driveway (both of them) their private turnaround and or parking spot, make my blood boil. I am seriously thinking about spike mats. And good for you, move along, move along.

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    Jeez, in another context you’d chew him out for yakking on the phone while he was driving.

    WWJABD. Wow, that guy might be a dangerous stalker. I’ll just go outside, get in my car, drive up beside him and tell him off, then back across the circle, and go back to my apartment.

    Stoopid with fatigue, indeed. Yes, it’s annoying but inevitable that drivers will use that driveway to stop or turn around. Maybe it would be smarter (and safer) to consider it a public service since US roads don’t have lay-bys that let drivers pull over and do things safely.

    In England, where it is illegal to talk on the phone and drive at the same time (I should mention that the idea of eating and driving at the same time is grossly offensive all over Europe, an offense both to good food and safe driving), it is very common to find a car on the side of the road, parked but taking up most of the available lane, with the driver taking a call. Other drivers are expected to behave with civility and maneuver around someone who was clearly acting in the interest of public safety.

    Next time someone overstays his welcome in the driveway, call the police instead. Keep yourself out of it and tell yourself that he’s doing it so he doesn’t drive a winding, slick, dark road at night while distracted by his tic tac phone.

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