The Garden of the Mind

On Monday, Robin Follette posted her Fedco seed order on her blog.    What was that sound in my ear?  It sounded like a giant clock ticking; the ticking got faster and faster, just like the voices at the end of a car commercial as they speed read through the “fine print” of the no money down deal.

In spite of this, I allowed myself to get distracted by an article on a quasi-gardening blog.  This article outlined how to keep Monsanto seeds out of the home garden.  Reading this blog article was a bad idea and I extended “my bad” by reading most of the 164 comments, which were a BLEEP show of logical fallacies such as:

“Something is telling me not to buy Brand A,” and

“I know they’re trying to kill us, I can FEEL it in my gut.”

These types of arguments were countered by the pro-Monsanto people who said things like:

“You heirloom seed people are all Luddites who are living in the dark ages.”

I hate it when someone calls me a dark ages Luddite.

Placing my annual seed order is stressful; it requires creating a garden in my mind.  This imaginary garden is complicated by the need to use facts and statistics about seeds and the plants which will grow from them over time and in space.  I might need to draw some diagrams and pictures.  I might need to do this in the twenty minutes between making dinner, folding towels, and balancing my checkbook.

That’s not enough time.

Looking over at the clock now, I know I will not be able to complete my seed order in the next twenty minutes.  I’m going to take the Scarlett O’Hara approach and think about it tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.

Let’s hope the Apocalypse doesn’t arrive before I can mail off my order.

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3 Responses to The Garden of the Mind

  1. Robin says:

    Genetically modified seeds aren’t available to home gardeners. The comments and forum posts that say otherwise make me a little bit crazy.

    Planning the garden vs planting the garden:
    January: red pen, order form, high lighter. Pumpkins over here, zucchini goes there, spinach in the middle. Marigolds go with this, this and that and cosmo goes in with the cabbage.

    June: That spot’s tilled….that’ll work. Plop ad plant.

    If you order the seeds of what you eat now, the rest will take care of itself later.

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    I hate it when people call me a dark-ages Luddite, especially because you can’t be a Luddite without modern industry. Last time someone did it, I went medieval on their arse.

    Just buy the seeds, worry about the layout later.

    Important stuff: daughter transplanted the mint to a larger container with our thick garden dirt and a worm (or two, I think I bisected it). Sunlight is slowly extending, and the mint seems to be doing fine. Too fine, in fact. Daughter has been instructed to find out about freezing mint leaves and trimming the trailers back. Basil, meanwhile, grows no higher, but the leaves have bunched up and they are still alive, along with a flurry of tiny dicots that have sprouted in the pot. I’m presuming they’re not basil and am weeding them out.

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