Writing and Cooking with Moxie

It was a typical Monday; the weather puppets wound everyone up with the threat of a winter storm yesterday afternoon.  Minute by minute radio reports, big warning signs on the interstate, and lots of fear fogging created an atmosphere of anxiety by tea time yesterday.  A few inches of wet snow had accumulated by dark and I slowly drove home in four-wheel drive.  I parked the Jeep “get away” style and flipped my wipers outward from the windshield.

Just in case.

All this bad weather “chatter” overshadowed an exciting press release from home.  The Moxie Festival Committee announced the theme for the 2013 event:

“Moxie:  A Maine Tradition”

One item the press release did not include was that I will be the coordinator for the “Moxie Recipe Contest and Chugging Challenge.”  Although I am no stranger to cooking, I’ve only once submitted a recipe to a contest.  When the Junior League of Boston was creating their cookbook, I submitted a recipe for French Canadian tourtiere; it was my maternal grandmother’s recipe.  Although my recipe wasn’t selected, I was still able to sell my quota of cookbooks.

While I may only be the Julia Child of gardening, I’m glad it’s time to start thinking about the Moxie Festival again.  Running a recipe contest will provide me with lots of fodder for blogging and who knows what I’ll learn along the way.  I have a feeling there will be a lot to write about.  I’m visualizing a Christmas in Connecticut kind of story.

This year’s festival will take place from July 12 through July 14 and since I’m in charge of the contest, I won’t be able to submit my recipe for Moxie Tourtiere.  That doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t develop a better recipe…stay tuned.

One this is certain; it won’t be snowing in July.

Cook with Moxie!

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  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    I’d cook with Moxie, but I can’t get it over here. Someone was going to send me a dehydrated formula, just add Scotch, but apparently that has fallen through.

    BTW, we call that kind of parking “tactical.” Sounds sexier that way.

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