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The Politics of Coffee

Boom! It’s August 7, 2020 and I’m up at the crack of dawn drinking coffee and listening to a British band I discovered in college, The Jam.  Thanks be to the masters of the universe!  Today, I can stream all … Continue reading

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The Beehive of Truth

I’ve cast a disdainful eye on television in the years I’ve been blogging.  I’ve referred to it as “Tee Vee” and taken a position that it’s like a termite chewing through the gray matter of the nation’s collective brain.  Regardless … Continue reading

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The Truth Turns on a Dime

There is an expression used about a car’s ability to change direction quickly. People say “it can turn on a dime.”  Over the long holiday weekend, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the truth of certain things.  … Continue reading

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A Hick from Maine

In the early 1990’s, there was a self-help comedy sketch on late night Tee Vee.  The fictional character gave humorous and non-professional advice.  A litany of “affirmations” were provided, but since they were spoken by a fictional late night Tee … Continue reading

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The Masquerade Ball

I got an e-blast from the Junior League of Boston this week, announcing some details of the February 2, 2013 “Service in the City” Charity Ball.  The 2013 event will be a “masquerade ball.” I must have read the blast … Continue reading

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