A Hick from Maine

In the early 1990’s, there was a self-help comedy sketch on late night Tee Vee.  The fictional character gave humorous and non-professional advice.  A litany of “affirmations” were provided, but since they were spoken by a fictional late night Tee Vee character, people laughed but no one took them seriously.

The use of “affirmations” and “mantras” was popular during the 1990’s.  I may have used a few.  It is true that there are times when I go somewhere and I think “I am just a hick from Maine.”  Until I realized that being a hick from Maine was just one of many interesting qualities I possessed, life was difficult; I needed “affirmations” and expensive props in order to walk the wider boulevards of the world.

Today, I’m embarrassed I thought such things.  It was disrespectful to the many wonderful and hospitable people who are from Maine and all the other lovely people who are not.  Maybe “I’m a hick from Maine” should become my mantra.  After all, there is a 100-year old business that was built on such a notion.

Today, I’m bringing some of my interesting qualities to the wider boulevards of the world.  I’m also bringing some fine quality gifties to grease the social skids a bit, just in case.  I lined this basket with some of Herman and Uncle Bob’s hemlock and fir boughs.  They are good enough.

The Giftie is Ready

Included in this junk shop twig basket is some heady Grade B maple syrup from Anderson’s Mini-Maples in Deerfield, NH, apples from Hackleboro Orchards in Canterbury, NH, Baer’s Best Beans, recently relocated to South Berwick, ME, some delicious crackers from Sunnyfield Brick Oven Bakery in Wonalancet, NH, and some garlic from Aunt Tomato’s garden in Lisbon Falls, ME.

These things are good enough, too.

I don’t mean to belittle the idea of “positive thinking” but I no longer repeat “affirmations” or “mantras” to myself.  I realize that living in the world takes more than vain repetitions.  I’m also trying to digest a philosophy that “life is not fair” but “life is life” and “life is good.”


How’s that for a hick from Maine?

Please rest for me today!

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  1. Belly full but me hungry says:

    Still waiting for that transAtlantic shipment of Moxie, and now you tease with this. Good work, little weejun.

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