Moxie’s Slow Burn

For Red Sox fans like me, the All-Star break can’t come soon enough.  Something is wrong with this year’s team and in spite of a steady stream of problem solving on sports talk radio, I don’t think things are going to be any better for the Red Sox when the second half of the season begins on Friday, July 13.

Thank goodness I’ve got the Moxie Festival to distract me; I admit the anticipation of going home to drink Moxie and seeing old and new friends is wearing me out a little bit.  I call it “Moxie’s Slow Burn.”

Since I would prefer to stick pins in my eyes than listen to the “Home Run Derby” on the radio, I sought refuge in the Hampton Victory Garden after work Monday night.  It was dreamy and beautiful; a pleasant 75 dry degrees with a light breeze.  The gardens are on fire right now, growing steadily.  My father says Uncle Bob’s cucumber plants are growing 2 inches a day and I believe him.  It’s the same story in the Victory Garden.

This Tiger Lily looks explosive, doesn’t it?

Looking around my Hampton garden and doing a little math in my head, I calculated it was time t0 plant summer crops for September and October harvest.  Seeds for bush beans, pole beans, beets, carrots, kale, lettuce, winter radishes, kohlrabi, and turnips can all be sown right now.  Let’s call it All-Star break in the garden; if your first set of plantings didn’t go so well this spring, here’s your second chance to come smoking back in the second half of the season.  The second half will be different; things will grow slower as the sun’s position changes.  Weeds will grow slower, too.

Second chances are good.

Speaking of fires and smoke, The Lisbon Historical Society will host their monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the MTM Center in Lisbon Falls with a commemorative program called “Remembering Worumbo.”  This program will mark the 25th anniversary of the blaze that destroyed the once world-renowned Worumbo textile mill.  Guest speakers will discuss the impact of the Worumbo fire on Lisbon and there will be a film viewing of a 1954 episode of the old Tee Vee show “Truth or Consequences” featuring the Worumbo Mill and showing the entire process of wool making from “sheep to suit.”

Although this blazing affair is not on the official calendar of Moxie events, the Lisbon Historical Society is just plain dynamite; everything a person could hope to know about the history of our little town has been lovingly catalogued and curated in this hot spot, thanks to longtime volunteers Dot and Al Smith.  Dot and Al can explain it all to you.  If you tire of all things small town, they’ll even discuss the Red Sox with you, if you must.

See you there.

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