The First Day of Summer

After helping out at the Moxie Car Show Sunday and then taking a short nap, I visited Al and Dot Smith up at the Ridge School.  This circa 1874 one room schoolhouse is lovingly tended by the Lisbon Historical Society.  I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never made it to the schoolhouse before.

After all the mayhem of the Recipe Contest, the parade, and the Chugging Challenge (of which I will write more, I can assure you) a visit with Al and Dot was the needed remedy.  It was peaceful and cool in the schoolhouse; Dot was serving delicious Moxie cupcakes and small shots of diet or regular Moxie.  We visited for a half hour, then respectful of the 3:00 p.m. closing, we said good-bye.

The Moxie Festival concluded quietly.

My Moxie house guests and I took a trip to Brunswick and ended up at The Gelato Fiasco.  Sometimes it’s hard to escape.

Moxie SorbettoThe theme for this year’s Moxie Festival was “It’s always Moxie Season in Maine.”  Here in my hometown, that’s particularly true.  We’re always thinking about Moxie and the festival.  If we do divide the seasons in a linear fashion, though, they look like this:

Fall, winter, spring, Moxie, and summer.

Today is the first day of summer for us.

Happy summer, hometown!

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1 Response to The First Day of Summer

  1. jbomb62 says:

    It was a pretty amazing weekend for me on a number of fronts–Moxie, Miss Mary’s swim from Peaks Island to Portland, and a new book (and some umpiring thrown in for good measure).

    The Recipe Contest was even better than advertised, and we have Mr. LaFlamme’s account to prove it. Gotta’ get that Moxie flowing again (next year)! Actually, it’s always flowing in Lisbon Falls, just not everywhere else.

    I hope you can catch your breath this week, and I look forward to upcoming observations from this year’s festival.

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