Last night, at the Lisbon Community School, a few members of the Moxie Festival Committee (past and present) hosted a barbecue for the Warrior Marching Band.  They’d come all the way from Lake Mills, Wisconsin, via Ontario and Washington, D.C. to play in the Moxie Festival parade.

We grilled up a couple hundred hamburgers and an equal amount of “red snappers.”  We also introduced them to Moxie soda.

After the meal, they practiced for two hours in the school parking lot and then we gave them some more Moxie and some “official” Moxie Festival T-shirts so they’d remember our little town.  They were laughing and running around, being teenagers.  They posed for a group picture.  Then someone shouted “GROUP HUG.”

We were surrounded by orange-clad musicians, part of the Lakeside Lutheran group hug.  I have to wipe a little tear from the corner of my eye right now just thinking about it.  Almost speechless.

Group HugMy blog friends, let’s meet again here on Monday and we’ll get back to solving world problems and answering existential questions.  Until then, if you’re along the Moxie Parade route and the Lakeside Lutheran Warrior Marching Band goes by, please give them your love and support.

Group hugs and Moxie for everyone!

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  1. danimardayat says:

    How fun! ‘So nice that you introduced the band to the Maine staples of Moxie and red snappers (Matt and I love red snappers as much as we love Moxie!). ‘Glad it was such a festive and sweet gathering.

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