Jail Break!

I had a dream last night.  After tossing and turning for a few hours after midnight, I finally fell asleep and broke the law in dreamland.  It was a minor infraction, like littering or jaywalking, but in the dream, I was worried I would be in jail for The Moxie Recipe Contest.  I was so glad to wake up.  I jumped out of bed, threw on an old orange sundress, and zipped down Route 9 to The Citizen’s Gazebo to make sure I was still in the epicenter of the Moxie universe.

The Moxie Banner Not in jail.  Didn’t even see the Po Po on Route 9.


The show must go on.  The Moxie show, that is.

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2 Responses to Jail Break!

  1. Slippah Sistah says:

    There is a great place to check out–for anyone interested in finding out more about the Moxie Festival, and you can find it just by typing Moxie Festival into a search engine. Some folks have those newer model technologies, smart phone, tablets & talking watches (whatnot) that have search engines everywhere but I’m just figuring that stuff out. If you’re a bit like me, highly distracted and find you’ve gone 750 pages into a Google search before getting to what you was looking for in the first place…here’s a link http://moxiefestival.com/. Hope to see ya at the festival.

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