The Leave of Absence

In the last month or so, my blog has become a difficult writing experience. It has felt like a diary, narcissistic and self-absorbed.

I don’t care for these qualities in others and I don’t care for them in myself.

Given all this, I’m taking a “leave of absence” from blogging.

I appreciate the interest and appreciation my fellow internet travelers have had in my stories. I’ve enjoyed your comments and the connections we’ve made here at this strange time and place in history.

My Favorite TulipUntil we meet again, I’ll leave you with this year’s favorite tulip and a kind sentiment about God from one of my friends, who I’ll simply call “At Your Service”:

“He loves you, always has, and will never cease doing so. He’s the one who makes the potatoes and rhubarb grow, gives the birds their melodies to sing, and is ever wishing us good things. The rest is ‘My bad’ and He never wanted any of that for us.”

Thank you, AYS, and thank you everyone for stopping by.

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4 Responses to The Leave of Absence

  1. Carol Levesque says:

    well, I am disappointed to hear this but I know that sometimes you just need to take a break from the routine, either to recharge your battery or maybe for a new adventure.. I’ll miss the blogs but I do know where to find you 😀

  2. Julie-Ann,

    Two-plus years of fairly steady blogging is enough to burn anyone out. Enjoy your leave of absence and come back whenever you feel inspired.

    Best wishes,

    Herrick Kimball

    • Hi Herrick!

      I would imagine my “leave of absence” would be shorter rather than longer. As you know, it’s a real commitment of time to write consistently and while it would seem that it would grow easier with practice, lately it has seemed more difficult. I’m clearing out some old gardens, putting in some new ones, and getting busy in Uncle Bob’s garden. Once everything gets going and growing, I’ll be writing again.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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