Your Halloween Yap

It’s been a long and strange week here in the little state of Maine. The national eye has been on Fort Kent, near the Canadian border where an “Ebola nurse” has created a media firestorm by writing the rules of her quarantine. It’s been an absurd display of political theater in the last days of what has been a ghoulish political season. Important political figures have been flying in and out of the state in the midst of it all, to lend a helping hand to this candidate and that candidate.

Why, even the President jetted into ever-trendy Portland yesterday.

Who is this “Ebola nurse,” by the way? She’s not “from here” and Google and Bing curate my search requests in such a way as I have learned very little about how she arrived at the end of the Maine earth. She’s young and attractive; she’ll look great on the Oprah Winfrey show, decrying how she was “bullied.” Is she on Twitter? There is someone by her name on Twitter, but they only have 109 followers. It’s probably not her.

One can hardly make this stuff up, especially since Maine’s governor is branded as a bully by many of his political opponents.

This morning, a news group tweets “is the saga about to come to an end or drag through the weekend?”

You know what I think? Shut your yaps.

It was ghoulish around town last night, too. Someone on Grove Street staged a large Halloween display of those not very-scary blow up thingys. They were amplifying a Psycho-esque Halloween soundtrack from what could only be 1970’s rock concert cabinet speakers and I heard the whaaaaa-whaaaa as I took my walk on the other side of town. It was odd and interesting that it echoed and reverberated through every corner of my little hamlet.

Here on the home front, Monsieur DeeHan thinks he has located the source of last week’s little water leak and he’s been busy taking things apart and putting things back together. We may have some rain this weekend, so we’ll find out if the fix is in.

The weather puppets are now saying there may be snow with the weekend’s rain. I don’t even have my garlic in the ground yet.

Shut your yaps, weather puppets.

Finally, Frank and Pam were here yesterday, painting the laundry room.

photoThere is nothing Halloweenie or ghoulish about it, just a new cheery color. Frank and Pam are good company, too.

The second coat goes on today and I would imagine it will be done by the time the doorbell starts ringing.

Yep, some candy for the Halloween yaps.

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  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Garlic. That’s the priority.

    I know, I know, shut my yap.

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