I have been farting around the internet this morning, searching for the origin of the word “scrumptious.”  Some dictionary sites claim the word is an alteration of the Latin word “sumptuous.”  Others state “we don’t know.”

Most date the word to the middle of the 19th century.

Someone used it to describe lamb chops this weekend.  Something like, “Honey, those are the most scrumptious lamb lollipops I’ve ever tasted.”  Actually, since this dialog happened over the internet, it might have gone more like “those are the most scrumptious lamb lollipops I’ve ever seen photographed and posted on social media.  How did they actually taste?”

Insert my heaviest sigh of world-weariness here.

I’ve got no good words to share today and in fact, my morning meditation was from Proverbs 15, a few verses about words.  I’m going to stop right here, right now.

No more foolish words from me.

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