The Surgery Light

Last week, I twice-blogged about the St. Mary’s Hospital chapel dome, but there is a second dome, counterbalancing that old section of the hospital and it’s referred to as the “surgical dome.” Its ceiling panels were glass and back in the old days, everyone in Lewiston could know when surgery was being performed because electrical lights from the dome would brighten the night sky.

I have a bright light in my kitchen, over the bar area. When I first moved in, I was unaccustomed to such a bright light and my friend and neighbor, Gina, jokingly referred to it as “the surgery light.” I’ve grown to like it and it brightens up the night sky here on The Ridge Road and everyone on the Mason compound can see when I’m performing surgery. Usually, I’m operating on things like potting soil and plywood Easter eggs, but last night, I was wrestling with a “major life decision.”

I’d done everything I could to prolong making a decision about this. I’ve been to church, prayed, made a pros and cons list, taken a walk, done laundry, vacuumed, did my dishes, written letters, done financial calculations and projections. Some of my trusted advisors were silent. Finally, I went to bed with a 1947 Good Housekeeping magazine. I was looking for a sign in a magazine.

Experience is a teacherBack in the old days, smoking a cigarette used to be the answer, but it’s not so simple anymore.

Dreams were of no help, either. I dreamed I had the chicken pox.

I still don’t know what to do about my “major life decision” so I’m blogging and then I’m signing off.

Any suggestions or tips on decision-making are welcome. Or prayers or dreams or signs.

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  1. Carol Levesque says:

    An old pastor friend suggested we pray and then “when in doubt, don’t” . If no doubt, go for it

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