Easter Lilies

A closer look at the stained glass inside the St. Mary’s Hospital chapel in Lewiston, Maine.

Easter LilyPeace to you today.

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  1. Slipper Sistah says:

    Happy Easter to you Julie-Ann and D. Rioux and family and friends. Today, I was struck by the lack of Flower Power in the house today. That’s so noticeable with mother being gone. In the past she always had an Easter Lily or Daffodils or Tulips in on the kitchen desk in front of the window soaking up the morning sun. The house had a warm welcoming look on Easter morning. Last year at Easter the table, though covered with too many other items, also had a nice colorful assortment of Tulips, given by dear friends, D. Rioux and his sister P. Burnham. They brought these over on Good Friday along with bags of fresh fruit and vegetables and meat. From those bags, with my humble skills, I made dishes, very small dishes at first for my brother, who was beginning to look like a prison camp survivor. A man who had always had a great appetite was having a hard time to lift a spoon of soup to his mouth and nearly everything made him feel sick to his stomach. That gift of groceries (from D. & P.) my brother related to me shortly after his nine hour open heart surgery was what probably gave his body the strength to withstand all the grueling tests and procedures it took to find what was ailing him and replace what needed to be.

    Today went by so fast, there were no flowers on the table and I spent most of today on the Leaflane writing. Didn’t get to the cemetery to bring flowers to mother either. After mass this evening my brother and I went out to supper and I am reminded of his last words to us as he went in to prep for surgery “See you on the other side!” Thank you Jesus, for the cross and resurrection. Mother, I love you and miss you and look forward to seeing you on the other side. Julie-Ann, thank you for the Easter Lilies.

    • What a beautiful story, Sister. But it’s not a story, it’s real life and how wonderful to have friends and family as you do. My mother received your lovely card last week and she and my father both commented on what a special friend you have been to our family. God doesn’t make junk. Do you remember you had those words photocopied somewhere near your workbench back in the long-ago days when we trudged up the stairs at Supreme Slipper? True! Always a pleasure to have you visit the blog, my friend.

  2. Slipper Sistah says:

    That’s kind of you, Julie-Ann. I am pleased to hear she received the card and that they enjoyed it together. Did I really have a sign that said that? My, you’ve a great memory dear. But those stairs, that’s unforgettable! Didn’t we work on the fourth floor? Glad I gave up smoking in Sept ’78, or those stairs would have killed me. How fitting though “God doesn’t make junk and we were making Supreme Slippers”. 🙂 Love ya, Sistah!

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