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A Few More Tulips

This will be my second “full” spring here in this house and garden; for the last two autumns, I’ve planted a few more bulbs. These are my new favorites. (P.S.  Happy belated birthday to blog reader Carol, who celebrated one … Continue reading

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Exquisite Things

I love the word “exquisite.”  And while the plain wreaths at Allen Sterling & Lothrop may not have been more magnificent than those at other garden centers in the area, their use of the word in their advertising sold me. … Continue reading

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A Very “Glad” Morning

I’ve never planted gladiolus before.  I’ve been watching them all summer, intrigued by their slow and deliberate progress. They’re like flowers on flowers.  I’m “glad” I planted them.

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Geranium Brain?

It was overcast and rainy yesterday.  Such days are always good for kicking around local independent garden centers like Allen, Sterling & Lothrop or Skillins in Falmouth, Maine. It’s still too early for planting geraniums outside in a stone maiden … Continue reading

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Gin, Herring, and Cheese

Prior to the first known speculative bubble in 1636, the bulb of the elegant tulip flower was the fourth leading export of the Netherlands, after gin, herring, and cheese.  Prior to 2008, I had never heard of “tulip mania” or … Continue reading

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Tulips for the Easter Parade

I got back to New Hampshire at around 3:00 p.m. Sunday; I have been delinquent in my duties at The Hampton Victory Garden.  I hadn’t cleaned up the dead marigolds around the sign and some of my perennial flowers needed … Continue reading

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