Gin, Herring, and Cheese

Prior to the first known speculative bubble in 1636, the bulb of the elegant tulip flower was the fourth leading export of the Netherlands, after gin, herring, and cheese.  Prior to 2008, I had never heard of “tulip mania” or “tulipomania.”  I dropped Macroeconomics in college; a dull science it was, especially after lunch.

I’m pleased there have been no speculative bubbles in tulip bulbs these last few years.  The only speculation involved with the bulbs I planted in the Redemption Garden was a low-grade worry about whether they would grow or not.

How useless it is to worry; it makes us sick and sometimes tired.  The tulip bulbs had a substance unseen all winter.  Although I had a dim hope they would grow, based on my trust in the bulb merchant, I still worried.

I should have had faith.  It’s not like I had planted gin, herring, and cheese.

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4 Responses to Gin, Herring, and Cheese

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    I should very much like to plant gin, herring and cheese. Especially gin. What can you recommend?

    My gosh, is that ice? I was heating my pot of water outside on the grill (don’t generate heat inside the house) when I noticed a bright yellow patch in the sky. Yes, on the tops of the tall old trees behind Farmer Ben’s place, trees heavy with hanging Spanish Moss, some climbing vine had made the trip up about 120 feet to the top and is now in full bright yellow blossom.

  2. Sistah Stitcher says:

    My Aunt Teddie just last night told me “I don’t use the word ‘worry’ any more. I now say “I’m concerned”. Why? She explained “that it is a word that expresses: defeat”. She told me where she had heard that from, but is that what really matters? Today, I made it there and back again. Yesterday, I had worries and took her saying to heart; they became concerns. I prepared as best I could for the concerns. Went to bed. This morning got up and prayed, went about getting set to go. Went out the door; headed off to a place my worries would never have allowed me to go, especially if I were to do the driving. Others had concern for me and thank you, Julie-Ann. I thank God, for every bit of help He has sent my way, to make today possible. What a Gift!
    Sistah Stitcher

    • Sistah,
      I’m glad you made it there and back; your journey was a long one. Now, we’ll need to chat about going there on a week day, because the traffic scenario is a totally different animal Monday through Friday. 🙂

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