A Favorite Photo

We started going through some of the public relations photographs from the 2014 Moxie Festival.  Tomorrow, I think I’ll tell you more about the parade and here’s the preview.

Photo Courtesy of Debra WagnerVolunteering is fun!

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3 Responses to A Favorite Photo

  1. danimardayat says:

    Very cute photo! Thank you for your excellent work in spearheading the Moxie recipe contest; I had so much fun judging and appreciate you letting me be part of the team! I just posted a post on my blog about it. ‘Look forward to keeping in touch and reading about your interesting and lively posts! Dani

    • Good morning, Dani! Thanks for coming to town for Moxie and being part of our panel. After a few days of Moxie fatigue, Gina and I went out yard-sailing and talked about the beverage, the recipe contest, and the festival pretty much non-stop, so it’s onward to 2015!

  2. danimardayat says:

    Yard-sailing! I love that!! Glad to hear you’ve been keeping the Moxie spirit going – naturally!

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