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Potato Blosson Festival

This is the first of my 12 little seed potatoes to sprout.  They weighed about one pound in total before planting.  A farmer I know has 500 pounds of potatoes to plant.  He clearly knows what he’s doing.

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Dan-vizz Carrots

I had my biennial eye exam yesterday.  Maybe I tried too hard during the exam; how could I still have 20/20 vision?  I thought I might need some real glasses, but no, I just need a pair of “computer bi-focals.”  … Continue reading

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Whining Baby Bucket

This past week, I’ve been a whining baby.  I won’t go into all the details, but it’s similar to how we’ve all been crying and whining about winter being long and uncomfortable and then BANG we get some full force … Continue reading

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Sunday was not a day of rest for anyone, as far as I could tell.  Here on the New Hampshire Seacoast, we experienced some record high temperatures accompanied by bright sunshine.  Convertibles, surfboards, flip-flops, and tube tops were everywhere.  Fourth … Continue reading

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Beware The Chives Of March

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Now The Troubles Begin – For The Love Of Lago’s

I could tell you a long story today, but I’m just not sure you want to hear it.  Maybe someday.  Essentially, it’s a story about working RHEE-LEE hard at something, to the point of exhaustion.  And this went on for … Continue reading

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Dear Father Time

I talked to Ike and Mamie.  We’re going to loan you an hour of time. But we want it back. Did you make your loan to the time bank today?

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V is for Vacuum

I was looking over my notes and dates from last year’s gardens, trying to gauge when it will be the right time to start tomato and pepper seeds.  The Seacoast weather seems to indicate that spring will be early this … Continue reading

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Sprouts – This Is Not A Foodie Blog

This is not a foodie blog.  Nor is it a food photography blog.  But the sprouts are done and I thought you might want to see them. As you may recall, these sprouts were started on February 7, 2012. Two … Continue reading

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The Lettuce Farm

I spend a lot of time thinking about the food I eat.  It’s not a new thing; my mother began feeding us “health food” during the 70’s.  Both she and her sister (Aunt Dot) had copies of “Let’s Get Well” … Continue reading

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