Now The Troubles Begin – For The Love Of Lago’s

I could tell you a long story today, but I’m just not sure you want to hear it.  Maybe someday.  Essentially, it’s a story about working RHEE-LEE hard at something, to the point of exhaustion.  And this went on for a long time.  Then it ended and I was RHEE-LEE tired.  I was so tired I would take naps in my car at lunch and then I would eat ice cream from Lago’s almost every day after work.  Sometimes, I would have hot fudge sauce on my ice cream.

I gained a few ounces.

The Wanna-be-a-Farmer exercise regimen was good to fix those things and I learned to restrain myself; I created alternate routes to take on non-ice cream days.  I stopped getting hot fudge.  I didn’t give up ice cream cold turkey.  Moderation.

My favorite flavor is “Indian Pudding” which is not always available. “Cappuccino Slam” is pretty tasty too and “Banana” is a sentimental favorite for my friend Jaxon and me.  We’re going to go to Lago’s very soon and get some banana ice cream and remember the good times.  And we’re going to go soon, because (I don’t mean to shout, but)


There are other ice cream places on the Seacoast which win awards and claim to be very good, but my money always goes to Lago’s.  I’ve tried the others.  Lago’s hires a lot of teens and college kids and trains them RHEE-LEE well.  When you get a scoop of delicious ice cream at Lago’s, you get friendly and polite service too and that’s important.  The ice cream is just a little bit sweeter when it comes with a smile and a thank you.

Don’t worry; I’ll tell you when the Dairy Maid at home opens.

And no one paid me to write today’s blog post.

I’m going to Lago’s to get an ice cream today; you go too, if you can!

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