Truth, Myths, and Lies

Truth:  In addition to being the first president of the United States, George Washington was also a successful farmer.  He was devoted to composting, as evidenced by the building of a “stercorary” on his Mount Vernon farm.  A “stercorary” was essentially a “dung house” used for holding and composting manure.  In a 1785 letter to his friend George William Fairfax, George Washington wrote:

“When I speak of a knowing farmer, I mean one who understands the best course of crops; how to plow and sow, to mow, to hedge, to Ditch and above all, Midas like, one who can convert everything he touches into manure, as the first transmutation towards Gold.” 

Myth:  Young George Washington, possessing a new hatchet, chopped down his father’s cherry tree.  When confronted, he remarked “I cannot tell a lie, Pa.”

Lie:  Sure, I’d love any extra zucchini you’ve got.

Have you ever told any garden lies?

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