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Winter Gardening

Just this morning on Facebook, one of my friends wrote a post about how he had collected a bunch of plastic children’s toys, cleaned them up to donate to a charity, and the charity had suddenly folded.  Now he’s stuck … Continue reading

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Sock Puppet

Uncle Bob and I don’t have many things in common; sure, we like digging around in the garden and we like spending time on The Farm, but we are different in our approach to life.  Uncle Bob is “laid back” … Continue reading

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The Portrait of Aunt Hermione

I’ve been sorting through my “stuff.”  It’s time-consuming and emotional.  I pick something up, look at it, and drift off into a reverie.  Twenty minutes pass and I still can’t remember why I was saving the puka bead shell necklace. … Continue reading

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Pleased as Pyrex

I started worrying about garbage and landfills after I got out of college.  I hadn’t taken any classes about it and I hadn’t been to any environmental rallies.  I just started putting my garbage to the curb once a week … Continue reading

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The Sea Gull (A Dream about Garbage)

In a never-ending conversation about recycling, my nephew reminded me “recycling is hardly the answer.  It’s a part of the answer, but consuming less is the ultimate goal.” ********** Last night I had a dream I was at The Dump … Continue reading

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