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I’m leaving tea towels aside today to celebrate the emptiness of my storage space. It took over a year to empty it completely.  Surrounded by all my stuff again, it’s time to get back to thoughtful analysis of what is … Continue reading

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The Portrait of Aunt Hermione

I’ve been sorting through my “stuff.”  It’s time-consuming and emotional.  I pick something up, look at it, and drift off into a reverie.  Twenty minutes pass and I still can’t remember why I was saving the puka bead shell necklace. … Continue reading

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Uncle Bob Says

Uncle Bob says if we don’t have it in the barn or the shed, we probably don’t need it. Uncle Bob is usually right.

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The Republic of Chair Pad

How did I find Zero Hedge?  Was it on a sunny day like today?  What was I doing when those first apocalyptic storm clouds starting creeping up on the horizon of my chicken coop-sized condo?  Likely, it was 2009 and … Continue reading

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