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Go to Sleep Now…

Readers will be shocked when I tell them I volunteered to work on the “September Showcase” at the local library.  What is one more thing to do?  I was curious about The Moxie Festival’s history and I enjoy spending time … Continue reading

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Owl Day

We had some torrential rain Monday night and then into Tuesday.  Ugly summer weather events were predicted—thunder, hail, and the inevitable shower of cats and dogs.  It dislodged a digit somewhere in my internet service provider’s chain of command and … Continue reading

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What’s Your Number?

Once upon a time, human beings had very few numbers to memorize.  Sure, there was an occasional census, like when Quirinius was governor of Syria; Mary and Joseph made the trip to Bethlehem to be counted.  From my reading of … Continue reading

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When Books Call Your Name

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time at the Lisbon Falls Community Library.  They always had free bookmarks at the check-out desk; one summer, I got a bookmark that said “There is no frigate like a book … Continue reading

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