Chive Cheerleaders

Chives are funny little perennial herbs.  They were the first signs of life at The Hampton Victory Garden this winter, remember?  It’s hard to believe, but the green part of the chive plant has now grown up and the chives are in bloom.  They’re rooting for us gardeners and farmers, like cheerleaders shaking purple pom poms, shouting “grow your food, grow your food.”

When I finally shake the dust off my Jack Rogers sandals and move to a more permanent location where I can have a chicken coop (instead of living in one) I’m going to plant chives for a perennial border; they’re pretty and practical.  Until then, here are three things I’m going to do with the chive flowers which are abundantly cheering me on in the garden:

First, I’m going to take some chive flowers and place them in a glass jar with plain vinegar.  Voila!  I’ll have purple chive vinegar to remind me of summer in the dead of winter.

Then, I’m going to use a few chive flowers to garnish my salads this week.  Sure, no one will see them, but they will be a happy reminder of the garden when I’m slogging away in my cubicle.

Finally, I’m going to make some “Chive Blossom Butter.”  There are lots of different recipes for this on the internet; feel free to use a search engine to find one you like or do it this way–pick the petals off 3 or 4 chive blossoms; mix them into a softened stick of unsalted butter with ½ teaspoon of sea salt or kosher salt.  Whip them with a knife until well-combined and then roll the butter mix into a log on a piece of wax or parchment paper.  Keep this butter log in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to use; then slice it disc-like onto baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, or pasta.

Now, if I just had a little moo cow so I could make my own butter.  Remember, impossible things are happening every day.

What are you doing with your chives right now?

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