The Cookie is the Reward

Jaxon texted me yesterday.

One of my co-workers e-mailed our team today.  She says “I’ll be offline a good portion of the day today delivering gifts to families housed at a local domestic violence shelter.”

Why must people go into detail about their acts of giving?  I never tell people I’m going to do a good deed.

His question was rhetorical, a moment of exasperation with a woman he knows who is always blowing her own horn.  What could I say?  There are times when it’s good to let the right hand know what the left is doing.  Financial partnerships, good marriages, and strong armies require this kind of transparency and “other awareness.”

But the non-stop assault of our current “look at me doing this and that” culture and knowing when your third cousin’s babysitter ate at The Cheesecake Factory?  Eh, not so important.

The article I wrote about Dany Lind of Dany’s Cakes turned into a “feature story.”  It was supposed to run last Sunday as an “inside” B section article, but the editor thought Lind’s story and business made a better “above the fold” piece.  Please look for it this Sunday in the Lewiston Sun Journal; Dany Lind and her sugar art are pretty amazing.  It’s always a treat (no pun intended) to interview interesting people with passion for their craft.

I learned new things from the interview and the research involved.  If you’re interested in delicious cookies done up quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, the feature is exactly what you need.  Me personally, I had always wanted to learn how to make sugar cookies with the strength to hold up to a smooth icing finish and now I know.

the-cookie-is-the-rewardI am a cookie apprentice.

Oh, and Jaxon…you’ve got it right, keeping your good deeds to yourself.  The cookie is the reward, my friend.

The cookie is the reward.

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2 Responses to The Cookie is the Reward

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    It is one’s good acts that are preserved, not the talking about the good acts.

    Nice looking cookies, by the way. Maybe the boys passing by would like some.

    • Thanks, LP. I’m not sure about giving anything to neighborhood children, what with the litigious climate we live in, sadly. My kitchen is not certified by the state and is not gluten and nut-free.

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