Affectionately Yours, Coffee

It was a swirling snow globe-like world here in Maine over the weekend.  It started as snow Saturday morning and continued most of the day.  It changed over to ice and rain in southern Maine and made for dangerous travel on what was the penultimate party weekend of the holiday social season.

We managed to keep our commitments over the weekend, including Handy’s family party on Sunday.  Only one sibling out of the seven was absent; illness, not weather.

All in all, it was a solid weekend.  After shoveling, cleaning, and cooking, I folded up on the couch with a book (like an accordion), reading the inside of my eyelids.

The next two weeks of the year are two of my favorites.  I like the anticipation of Christmas Day and the quiet week following.  I like the “finishing up” of the old year and “taking account” of what will be carried over into the new.

I haven’t written my cards yet, but having no other writing commitments this week and what with Christmas dinner already sketched out in my mind, it will be a pleasant exercise.

order-number-4The coffee is on.

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