The Mail in the Box

I stopped at the post office yesterday on my way to pick up some basement windows Handy ordered.  It’s been a busy week here.

My P.O. Box had only one bill and a catalog which promised to be “the most important gift catalog in the world.”  Apparently, for a shockingly small amount of money, I can give the “gift of goats,” “pigs as presents,” and “heifers for the holidays.”

Who knew?

But the holiday harbinger I enjoyed most was the arrival of the 2015 Saturn Press catalog.

I’ve written about it before.

Gulf of Maine Books, on Maine Street in Brunswick, carries a large selection of Saturn Press cards.  When I need one in a pinch, that’s where I go.  I’m not going to give the gift of goats this year.  My little pieces of green paper do better work when they stay right here in the local economy.  And while sending a locally pressed card bought at a locally owned book store might not save the world, more of the money helps people where I live.  The “heifer” people are based in Little Rock.

Sorry, Little Rock, I’m keeping it local this year.

I don’t have anything particularly witty or interesting to write about today.  It’s been a fun week of “getting in the vacation groove.”  Lots of orderly activities, including things like cleaning out the zinnia bed and cleaning out the garage.  Next week, Handy has promised to help me clean out the basement which will go nicely with his installation of the new basement windows.

Things are getting better all the time.

The lawn is mowed and each day I’ve done a little bit of yard work.  Soon enough, the autumn leaves will shower down.

Les feuilles mortesRakes at the ready!

I’ve been cleaning out my e-mail box this week as well, and reading old e-mails from my friend “At Your Service.”  I don’t think he’ll mind if I end this post with one of his quotes about order:

“Last Monday, you blogged about cutting trees; this Monday, it’s grass.  We were made for Eden and find great satisfaction imagining and implementing order in the world’s flora.  We pine for the garden of perfection and strive to create it wherever we dwell.  We long for beauty and preserve it whenever found, birth it when it is not within reach.”

And all those longing for worldly order through cleaning and organizing said “Amen.”

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