The Pawn at The Colony

Promoting The Moxie Festival at Sunday’s Wicked 5k in Kennebunkport?  Check.

Promoting MoxieSpending Sunday afternoon in the glorious October sun on the coast of Maine?  Check.

Walker's PointWaking up at 2:00 a.m. to hear the closing remarks of the WEEI gas bags as they reconstruct the New England Patriots’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts?  Check.

(No, I am not posting a picture of myself tossing and turning.)

Making a vow that I will not listen to the WEEI gas bags in the Jeep today?  Check.

Finding the correct name for this cement “pawn?”  Epic fail.

The PawnIt’s haunting me this morning and pushing any cogent blog post to the far margins of the virtual paper.

What am I saying?  Nothing at all.


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