Retreating into Autumn

We didn’t think Leo Kottke would sell out Rockland’s Strand Theatre; he did and we had to hustle like panhandlers before the show to get our seats.


We agreed if only one ticket was to be had, it would be Handy’s and I would wait in the car with a book, a pillow, and a blanket.

Fortunately, two tickets surfaced.  We paid just a little bit more than retail, but Handy didn’t seem to mind this once.

Another Columbus Day weekend…it’s officially time to retreat into autumn.

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3 Responses to Retreating into Autumn

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Fantastic! And if I remember right, Handy was a big Kottke fan way back in the day as well, maybe was the one who introduced me to Kottke. I saw him at Colby back in 1980. I thought about going to this show when it was announced, but it’s just such a long drive from here. Glad you could make it and see the show.

  2. Jim says:

    Sounds like a fun time was had. Glad you scored two tix, not just one.

    As I’ve shared with you on numerous occasions, when all else fails, seek some good music and tune out the cares of the world. Not that Kottke is muzak to zone out to.

    Like some of my fave fingerpickers (John Fahey and Jorma Kaukonen come quickly to mind), Kottke’s music has a timeless quality. He’s as relevant in 2016, as he was in the late 1970s when some of the Lisbon High gang drove up to Colby to catch his show.

    Good times!

    • It was a wonderful show. The long ride home along desolate route 1 was comforting in some odd way, like travelling through time. If only Moody’s Diner had been open, t’would have been perfect.

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