The Crimson and the Gold

On Friday, I indulged myself in the purchase of a very small parcel of land that runs along Baumer’s Field.  In reading the warranty deed, I noticed it mentioned my paternal grandfather three times, particularly “along land of said Leo Baumer…”

Reading warranty deeds is much like reading old newspapers on microfilm.  It’s tedious and occasionally surprising.

The crimson, green, and gold trees that you see in this picture are my indulgence.


The temperature here in the house has been hovering consistently at sixty-one degrees for the last week.  It’s time to bring out the old 49er, as I would like to wait a few more weeks before I indulge in the heat of the furnace.

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3 Responses to The Crimson and the Gold

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    I noticed through the summer up here in The County that it was routinely colder in the house than it was in the winter time–it may be in the 50s, but I’m not turning on the furnace. So why did I give in a week back when it was actually warmer than it had been most of the summer? Was it the crimson of the maple in the window at the top of the stair? The frost on my car in the morning (have to admit, no frost on my car in the summer, or not often)?

    No bother. I, too, thought of wool clothing and then set aside a new pot of sauerkraut for the colder days ahead (rumor of hard frost tonight).

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    And as rumored,

    I woke today and found
    Frost perched on the ground

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