The Aging of Aquarius

A “story” came out a few days ago stating NASA “changed” the signs of the zodiac.  It’s a difficult story to “fact check” without Lester Holt sitting by my side.  (Lester was a Pisces, but now he’s an Aquarius, for what it’s worth.)  My “Bing” searches kept taking me to various Huffington Post blogs and then to a NASA children’s page.

I hadn’t thought about the zodiac much until the story showed up in a news feed.  The local paper still runs a daily horoscope using the “old school” zodiac, without the 13th sign.  I don’t read it because I don’t believe in astrology.  The zodiac revelation caused me to think about other astrologically-inclined people I knew, like my Aunt Dot.  She lived her entire life thinking she was a Sagittarius; according to the “new” zodiac, she was born under the sign of Ophiuchus.

It also made me think about that song “Aquarius” which I am embarrassed to admit I can pretty much sing from beginning to end without looking at the lyrics.  We sang it in 7th grade chorus, I think.  The timeline seems about right.  What silly lyrics:

“Harmony and understanding,
Sympathy and trust abounding.
No more falsehoods or derision,
Golden living dreams of visions,
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation…”

I wonder what my 7th grade mind made of all that bird food.


We had baked pork chops, late garden string beans, and potatoes from a friend’s garden last night.  Then we sat on the screen porch, noting it was dark by 7:00 p.m.  The acorns hitting the garage roof were especially loud.  We didn’t have any mystic crystal revelations and we decided we’ll need some blankets if we sit out on the screen porch from now on.

Handy, like Lester Holt, is now an Aquarius, too.

Sing along.

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3 Responses to The Aging of Aquarius

  1. Still a sagittarius, always and forever

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    When the moon is in the seventh house
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will fill the stars

    NASA can generate its own zodiac, if it wishes, but they will not be able to create the meaning. “Oh, look, you can see the Ipad tonight. And to the south you can see Twitter rising.”

    No, I’m not even going to look for the link you were wise enough not to post.

  3. Gina Mason says:

    Back in the day in the quiet neighborhood of Huston Park, summer talent shows hosted local talent and I once danced to this number in a darkened basement with a single “spotlight”. I recall that there was a lot of fluttering arm movement, it just seemed to go with the music.

    I’m still a Capricorn no matter what NASA may say.

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