A Sweet Start

I did not watch the 88th Annual Academy Awards last night.  I went to only one movie in the last 12 months, an independent film.  It didn’t win any awards.  I have nothing further to say about the winners and losers of the annual awards show.

I wrote an Academy Awards post in 2013 which summarizes my thoughts on this spectacle.

Clicking around the web this morning, I read a story of how a man flying across the country observed a woman looking at pictures of herself on her phone for the entire transcontinental journey.  It started the day off to a slow start and yet sometimes I wonder if writing a blog isn’t a little bit like posting a word picture of one’s self on the internet.  It caused me to pause and even though I was dreading the day in all its Monday-ness, I was now dreading it more.

Must generate content.

Must generate content about something besides myself.

It’s been a long four hours and now the self-imposed deadline for heaving the words out into the digital world has arrived.  I’ve got a lot of nothing.

They do, however, serve a wonderful cup of tea at Canterbury Royale in Fort Fairfield.  It arrives with a small warm glass of honey.

Canterbury RoyaleIt will take a strong cup of tea, a sweet bit of honey, and lot of acting to make it through the day.

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