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Opalescent Fish Heads

Last Friday, I confessed to hitting the alarm clock snooze button on Friday mornings.  I have another confession.  I hit it on Mondays, too, but it’s not with Friday’s same joyousness.  There’s no love or happiness at all; it’s full … Continue reading

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In a Granite State

A friend from home suggested that walking in the deep, dark January freeze might be beautiful.  No stranger to challenges, I bundled up and trudged south a few miles. Sometimes, I feel like her, looking out towards something I can’t … Continue reading

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The Now And The Not Yet

I’m stuck this morning.  I want to write about gardens and seeds and compost and bright green growing things, but it’s too early.  Literally and figuratively.  Literally, because I write these blog posts before the sun comes up and figuratively, … Continue reading

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