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Green(s) Day

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my sad duty to inform you that the Boston Celtics lost in game 2 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Semifinals series last night.  This eliminates several interesting word plays using the words “green” and “greens.”  … Continue reading

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Dear Aunt Tomato – Cold Weather Crops

The information I provide to you is editorial and helpful in nature and cannot be construed as perfect truth.  Some of the information I am providing is based on anecdotal evidence and personal experience.  The benefit claimed has not been … Continue reading

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Dear Aunt Tomato

If I had lots of nieces and nephews, I don’t think I’d be a doting aunt.  Sure, I’d remember their birthdays, graduations, and weddings with the appropriate card and cash gift, but doting might not be possible.  I only have … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – I Wake Up Screaming!

Once again, I was reading garden books before bed, hoping to inspire pastoral dreams.  Last night it didn’t work and no sheep peacefully grazed on green pastures.  I woke up fitfully, thinking about my day job and why someone should … Continue reading

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Why Farmers Don’t Celebrate Groundhog Day

Sure, groundhogs are sort of cute.  They have a couple of big, lettuce munching front teeth, but they’re kind of cute.  You’ll read a lot of dumb stories about them today, too.  Maybe there is a reality Tee Vee show … Continue reading

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