The Inventory

This is going to be a productive week.  Palm Sunday is clearly visible on my horizon and I am going home to inspect the garden I share with Uncle Bob.  Maybe O’Pa’s rhubarb is peaking through and maybe my garlic is sprouting through the heavy seaweed mulch.  I can hardly wait!  Today, I began my plotting and scheming in earnest by making an inventory of what’s left from my 2011 food preservation.  It’s always a good idea to figure out what things kept well and were delicious and what things might be more delightful in smaller quantities.

Here’s my list of what’s left, and NO, I’m not going to take a picture of it in case you were wondering.

6 quarts of frozen tomato puree
2 plastic bags of frozen peppers
½ pint of homemade ketchup (delicious and I need more of this next year)
2 pints of frozen blueberries (picked at Salt Box Farm, in Stratham, NH)
8 quarts of canned applesauce (from apples picked at Apple Crest Farm, in Hampton Falls, NH and canned with my canning instructor, Amanda Robin)

The peppers were a pleasant surprise; I sliced them up in long strips and froze them in plastic bags when they were freshly picked.  They’ve retained their flavor and it’s been nice to throw them into soups and scrambled eggs.   I’ll grow the same quantity of peppers this year, although I’m having a tough time getting my seeds to germinate.  Here’s a few that are doing fine.

Making a list like this is a good way to figure out the kinds of things you enjoy eating.  Even if this year is your first year trying to grow food, look through your refrigerator and cupboards and notice what things you enjoy and always keep on hand.  Then, figure out if you can grow them and get busy.

In my never-ending quest to produce more of my own food and buy less of it from far away, I think I can make it to strawberry season without breaking down for a Florida orange.  Unless, of course, one of my friends smuggles one home in their luggage.  Thanks in advance, friends.

What does your inventory look like?

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2 Responses to The Inventory

  1. jbomb62 says:

    Another great post about the joys of gardening. You make me want to run out, drop to my knees, and thrust my hands into the dirt of my garden up to my wrists.

    I think I’ll meet up at Uncle Bob’s on Saturday. Will work out details via email.


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