Sunday Puzzles

There’s a new book store in Portsmouth; it’s called “Book and Bar” on Pleasant Street.  It’s a cross between a library and a pub; when it’s sunny, the large windows make it feel like a solarium.  It’s a good Saturday afternoon place.

I picked out some books and had a sandwich.

Sunday afternoons are good for puzzles.  Word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and life puzzles are fair game.  Today’s Sunday afternoon puzzle is two-fold.

Which book is not like the other and why?

Which book did I buy and why?

Enjoy this puzzling day.

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4 Responses to Sunday Puzzles

  1. jeanne says:

    Tis puzzling. hmmm…. Well, I’d say that the Horsemen of the Esophagus is most different. Though it’s about food, it’s about food-eating contests, not gardens and such. And I’d guess that you bought In Praise of Tomatoes because it’s sounds like a book that you might write one day.

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    Hmm, There were no tomatoes in the Sun King’s garden? OTOH, “The Great American.. ” is the only “how to” book in the bunch, so I’ll call that the odd one out.

    But something tells me that “In Praise of ” is the only one of these that would hold your interest for more than a few minutes.

  3. Jeanne and LP, it is kind of a puzzle, isn’t it? But you were both correct that the “Horsemen of the Esophagus” is the book which didn’t quite fit. I laughed so hard when I saw the title, especially in light of all the doomer literature out there. Both of the “tomato” books appealed to me but I ended up buying the “The Sun King’s Garden” because it was a fascinating history of a public works project. Thank you both for stopping by.

  4. letizia says:

    “Book and Bar” – what a great name for a bookstore (and how lovely to hear of new bookstores opening up these days!).

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