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Reggie Black Disturbs the Peace

I was planning to write a short pastoral piece today about walking in Uncle Bob’s garden at twilight.  The piece would have been perfect for “Tiny Steps Gardening Day.”  It would begin as I parked my Jeep behind the barn … Continue reading

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Je suis toujours occupé

On Saturday morning, I told Reggie Black about my busy weekends in Maine.  I told him how tiring it was to race back and forth and how I looked forward to moving home.  I said “I just want to be … Continue reading

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Call Aunt Toe-May-Toe

My brother’s got a new phone with a hands-free device for his car.  He’s got different phone numbers set up to dial according to his voice commands, like “call Miss Mary” or “call the Dairy Maid.”  According to my brother, … Continue reading

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When friends and blog readers think a blog writer is soon to be the Julia Child of gardening, they send the blog writer articles and anecdotes about gardening. It’s interesting and unsettling all at the same time. Since today is … Continue reading

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