The Road Trip

In another life, I used to travel a lot more than I do today.  My job required me to “liaise” with customers and that meant I would travel and visit with them as often as they wanted to see me.  (Cough…liaise is a corporate word for traveling to visit with customers.)

My travels were always domestic; I’d frequently visit with customers in Pittsburgh and Charlotte, less frequently in Phoenix.  Once, I went to San Antonio and even a strange rural outpost in Arkansas.  I never had any customers in Chicago, but I ended up going there a few times, too.

I’ve never been to Disney World, though.

All this travel within the Ewe Ess of Aaaye makes me sound parochial, but I’m not.  There are a few places I’d like to go in this world to ink up my passport.  I’d like to go to Bavaria and see where my grandparents were born; I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of the architectural wonders of Europe, either.  It would be pleasant to move about a country without a McDonald’s on every corner.

Is there such a place?

I’m going on a car trip with some friends today, to almost Connecticut.  It should be just fine as long as we don’t get caught behind any student drivers.

Lee-Annie Leonie is our chauffer and she’s an excellent driver.

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  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    The sad thing is, they don’t ink up your passport anymore. And once inside Europe, there are no border controls or stamps, either. But yes, you should go.

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