Situational Honesty

It’s hard not to be cynical, isn’t it?  According to an article I read this week, 30 percent of Americans are dishonest, 40 percent are situationally honest, and only about 30 percent are honest all of the time.

The article was passed along to me in a digital format from a “members only” fraud magazine to which I do not subscribe.  I can’t find a link to it on the web nor can I find the sources the author used to confirm that statistic.  For purposes of discussion, we can only assume this statistic is true.

Nevertheless, if about 70 percent of Americans are dishonest much of the time, that number includes politicians, journalists, and a vast swathe of other “authorities.”  Maybe even dentists.

According to an AP article in my local “news” paper, dental floss might be yet another lie shuffled off onto an unknowing public.  See for yourself.  What with dental floss selling for as little as one buck a box, it’s possible that the American Dental Association has something more lucrative it would like to sell us.  But I’m only speculating; as I said earlier, it’s hard not to be cynical when only 30 percent of Americans are honest all of the time.

And speaking of shice, this past weekend there was a “feature” in the “b section” of the local newspaper about the disposal of dog waste.  Included with the local “staff” writer’s article was an AP piece titled “Need someone to scoop poop?  There’s an app for that.”

Yes, supposedly there’s an app for that.

The article’s headline was a little misleading, though.  The app, according to the July 31, 2016 article, “began being marketed this week despite not being up and running yet.”  It’s “supposed to work pretty much like Uber” the article said.

Except that it was all just a big artful and ironic joke, according to this article.

Elliott Glass, the “Pooper app’s” co-creator, said “The fact that people were so willing to embrace that this could be something that could make their lives easier was a little bit terrifying.”

Now there’s some truth.

Of course, if you’re part of the 70 percent of the American population that isn’t honest, does it really matter?

We’ve got some truly beautiful August weather here in New England, no lie.

Morning Glories Never Lie

Morning glories never lie.

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