Righting the Ship

Have I written a blog post about overcommitments, projects spinning like plates in the air, and borrowed time?

Yes?  Then there is no reason to do that today.

This is a sidewalk strip garden on Maple Street.  A woman named Tanya planted it.  Planting sunflowers in that area is risky business there are deer lurking in the woods nearby.  Tanya took a risk and we’ve all been rewarded.

Sunflower beauty makes all other news items fade into nothingness.

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1 Response to Righting the Ship

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Wasn’t it you who said that a garden without sunflowers isn’t a garden?

    I scooted over to Bark-Eater Farm, my CSA, a few weeks ago to pick up some fresh cilantro. I followed Kathy out into the gardens and there, scattered through the cilantro and carrots and basil and all else in the row, were beautiful sunflowers. “Oh, those,” she said, “They came in the compost, we never planted them.”

    At least the family of the farm, Amish, knows a gift when they get one.

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