Wednesday Like No Other

It’s hard to imagine a world without fork-split English muffins, isn’t it?  The toasted tasty flat pieces of bread with “nooks and crannies” full of butter and jam are a staple of modern morning life.  Samuel Bath Thomas made them popular in 1880 and the Thomas brand has existed ever since.  These days, Thomas sits amidst store and other baked brands, although only Thomas declares itself to be “breakfast like no other.”

Interestingly enough, back in December, 1948 a local newspaper printed a ham spread recipe for English muffins.  The article said “if these are not sold in your community, then use cold biscuits.”

Apparently, there was once a world without enough English muffins to go around.  Imagine that.

A few weeks ago, I fell for the enticement of Thomas’ corn English muffins.  I was intrigued by the bright green, orange, and yellow packaging.  I imagined a basic bread muffin with a corny as Kansas bite, smothered with butter.

I was sadly disappointed.  The muffin was overly sweet and the corn taste?  Non-existent.  Nothing could make that muffin better than a “cold biscuit.”  At least Thomas labeled honestly, as I noticed while examining the packaging.  They are “partially produced with genetic engineering.”

I should have known better than to read the label too closely.  Thomas’ muffins are now owned by Bimbo Bakeries which is a subsidiary of Mexican company Grupo Bimbo, allegedly one of the worldwide leaders in the baking industry.  A hedge fund is baking your English muffins.  And there’s probably nothing wrong with that; it’s the way of the world.  Nothing is as it seems to be, not even English muffins.

Meanwhile, I had yesterday’s good fortune of lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends.  She made her delicious spinach-raspberry-pistachio salad with a balsamic glaze and a scoop of curried chicken salad on the side.  Mugs of hot coffee and conversation.

I wish that every Wednesday could afford such pleasant hours.  It lifted my sagging spirit, which had been brought to a new low by the English muffin revelation.

Not a MuffinBlue skies, warm and gentle summer breezes, and a good friend.  Thank goodness for such simple things.

It was a Wednesday like no other.

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  1. It was a moment of weakness; I’ve generally bought English muffins from a local lady at the farmers’ market. And I’m sure one could make them.

    It’s best to avoid as much processed food as possible, of course.

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