How About Wednesday?

Dear Friend,

This will be the first week I have not hand-written my weekly letter to you.  I fell asleep with the twelfth Mitfod book on my chest and too many pillows under my neck.  Around midnight, the rain tapped on the garage roof and I shut the light.

A look at the calendar and I realize I’m behind in the week’s writing already, including your letter.  The good news is my week’s lunches are prepared and I have dinner inspiration for tonight; I only need a can of creamed corned.

Thank you for your encouraging e-mail and the invitation to visit any time after Tuesday.  How about Wednesday, maybe in the afternoon?

San Marzano TomatoesDo you need any tomatoes?  These are the “paste” variety with very few seeds and nice firm flesh.  They’re wonderful for cooking.

Tentatively until Wednesday,


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