Sprouts have gotten a bad rap in recent years and I want to begin today’s post with a disclaimer that the information I provide to you is editorial in nature and cannot be construed as medical advice.  Any information I provide is based on anecdotal evidence and any health benefits claimed have not been evaluated by the FDA and the USDA.

There, I got that out of the way.

When I think about sprouts, I think of a car trip to Fort Ticonderoga in the mid-seventies.  We stopped at a funky restaurant in Burlington, Vermont for dinner and our salads were covered with alfalfa sprouts.  There might have been some Joan Baez music in the background.  The Vietnam War was over.  Oil and sugar were expensive, but the sprouts were new and interesting.  I was too young to have an opinion about them.

At some point in the 90’s, I bought some mung beans with the intention of sprouting them.  But I got busy and just kept carrying the Mason jar of beans around with me from place to place.  Finally, last winter, I tried sprouting them.  They sprouted, I ate them, and I lived to tell about it.  They were delicious.

How to sprout?  It’s easy.  First, if you don’t grow your own beans for drying, obtain some organic beans.  A local health food store is a good place to go.

On the first day of the sprouting process, you place some beans or seeds in a quart-size wide mouth canning jar.  Cover them with filtered water and place a cheesecloth and metal canning rim over the mouth of the jar.  I used coffee filters instead of cheesecloth.  Like this:

Different beans and seeds require different initial soaking times.  I used a chart in Carla Emery’s book “The Encyclopedia of Country Living.”

After the initial soak, drain the beans and place them back in the jar.  Lay the jar at an angle, out of direct sunlight but not in complete darkness.  Then, rinse and drain the seeds 2 -4 times per day.  Continue this process until the beans sprout and the sprouts are about 2 inches long.  This process will take less than a week.

Yummy and nutrition-packed sprouts!  So easy!

Have you ever tried sprouting?

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  1. I love to eat sprouts, but have never tried sprouting myself.

  2. Brian says:

    My mom said I sprouted in the 6th grade.

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