Hearts For Flowers…And Vegetables


The elusive emotion has been the subject of poems, songs, paintings, novels, operas, and even wars.  There is nothing I could say which would improve upon the noisy din of words about love.

Do you like my big cardboard heart?  A friend from home made it.  Ten or so years ago, we put on a Valentine’s Dance to promote our community gardens and we called it “The Hearts For Flowers” Dance.  We had a lot of painted cardboard hearts hanging from the ceiling of the Slovak Club.  I’ve been to a few “charity balls” in my time and eaten lots of pieces of overpriced chicken, but these events still pale in comparison to dancing with my neighbors under the crepe-papered ceiling of “The Club.”

I wonder where all those hearts are stored?  Maybe next year we’ll pull them out and sparkle them up for another dance.

Just for today, put down the swords.

Love one another.

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  1. Kim says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day JABBY 🙂

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