I Meet A Farm Chick!

Today is a special day.  First, because it’s Sunday and also because today is the day I’m posting my interview with Serena Thompson, “The Farm Chick.”  If you’ve never heard of “The Farm Chicks” you can read about them here.

There was a lot of furious activity at the coop last night, getting ready for some possible “visitors” to this little place on the internet, and I’m nervous thinking some really experienced and creative bloggers might stop by and read the questions I asked Serena.

But Serena is so sweet and kind.  She tells all kinds of beautiful stories about her childhood and about her charming life right now.  She’s creative and whimsical, too.  Her website and her blog are lovely places to go when the clouds roll in and darken the day.  I’ve read every post on her blog over the last few years and I can tell you sincerely it’s a perfect place to go and get your battery recharged.

Even more exciting, she is launching a new venture tomorrow called My Favorite Find which I’m going to bookmark.

Let’s pretend I’m a “reporter” and this is my “big scoop” interview.  I even wrote my bio at the end, trying out a little Farm Chick whimsy of my own.

Enjoy and THANK YOU, Serena!

What does it feel like to live your life in “the public eye”?

I don’t really feel like I do.  There are sometimes when I’ll run into someone who’ll ask me if I’m “The Farm Chick” but for the most part, I kind of forget that side of me exists when I’m running around town. 🙂

Does it feel weird that so many people think they know you?

No, not at all.  Although it always surprises me when someone will mention something about me and for half a second I wonder how they knew that.  Then I remember that I DO blog about a lot that’s going on in my life.

What kind of camera do you use to take your pictures?  Do you use any kind of special lighting?  

I just have a simple Canon digital camera with a lens.  I have no idea what model it is and I don’t use any special lighting.  I don’t ever shoot with lights on – rather, I just use natural light and never a flash.  I like it better that way.  I always wonder if a professional photographer were to look at my images, if they would cringe.  Oh well, I’m okay with that.

How much time do you spend in your gardens, flower and/or vegetable?  

I always feel like I could spend more time in the garden, but it never feels like enough. Maybe thirty minutes most days in the summer.  Ever since we added in the raised beds to the garden, our garden is producing so much more.  I love the raised beds!

How did you get so organized?

I think I purge too much, actually.  Growing up, it always felt like we had too many things and it made me be really simplistic.  Less is more to me.  Anyway, I think it’s easier to be organized when you don’t have a lot of extra things all around the house.  Lately, I’m actually trying to add some more things into our home because I want it to feel more cozy and I’m not there yet.

Have you always been an entrepreneur, or did you ever work in a more “traditional” environment?  

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting with making and selling mud pies as a little girl.  However, at age 14 I started my first real job as a dishwasher in a natural foods cafe in my hometown of Yreka, California, Nature’s Kitchen.  The day after I graduated from high school, I moved far north to Barrow, Alaska and held several different jobs – I worked as an airline ticket agent and then worked as an accounting clerk for a short while, a personnel clerk and then became the Human Resources Manager for the local college.  During my time in Barrow, I also ran a gift basket business called “Reenie Beans”, which is my family nick-name.  I met my husband, Colin while working at the college.  When we moved back to Spokane, I worked at Gonzaga University in their Human Resources department and then became a stay-at-home mom a year later.

Are you a member of the Junior League of Spokane?

No, I’m not a member; however, The Farm Chicks Show has supported the Junior League since the early days of the show.  The Junior League has a space that we’ve always donated to them where they sell their cookbooks and raise funds for their causes.


Julie-Ann Baumer, having read her mother’s Country Living and Vogue magazines in high school, first subscribed to Country Living when she moved out of her parent’s house in 1988.  Through a series of twists and wrong turns, she got married and divorced, braided 3 rugs, co-chaired a decorator show house for the Junior League of Boston, and carried on a 15 year correspondence with her best friend from 2nd grade.  She liked the idea of wearing aprons and loved how the Farm Chicks made it acceptable.  She always thought it was neat how Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards (the original “Farm Chicks”) met at church, since she would have liked to study the Bible with her best friend from second grade wearing an apron.  Life just didn’t turn out that way and she’s been idling in a corporate job for a bit too long and has decided to get busy farming, writing, and living a more creative life right now.

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